Ragdoll Achievement 4

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Are you looking for a game where your skills and patience will be tested? Do you have what it takes to damage and eventually break the mannequin? See for yourself in the challenging game Ragdoll Achievement kizi.

In the game Ragdoll Achievement kizi, you will be experimenting how you could damage the mannequin with the help of some weapons. Initially, you only have a mine to set on the floor. Then you will have the trampoline for the floor and the thorns to hang on the wall. As you go on, weapons that you could hang in the center will also be added. And so much more as you play on.

There would be challenges or tasks for you to complete. As you complete them, more weapons will be given to you. However, the size of the experiment room stays the same. So you have to analyze what weapons to put and where to position them to make the most damage to the mannequin. Once you have all fulfilled the tasks, another set will be given. Along with the new tasks are new weapons too. You can remove the weapons you have already installed and replace them by new ones. Just take note that since they cannot fit all, you have to select the best weapons you think and position them in the most useful way.

There is the Achievements list, too. You earn the corresponding cash for achievements you have completed. The cash you have earned will be used to buy weapons. You have to strive hard to complete achievements so you can earn more cash and be able to acquire weapons that are stronger yet more valuable. Ragdoll Achievement kizi is a physics-based game. Your logic and analytic thinking will be enhanced. Yet, due to the violence it involves, it is not recommended for young mind.

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